Toni Mcgreachan
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Micro Gallery


Welcome to my Micro Gallery which will feature small new artistic adventures in 2013!

I have always taken a lot of my inspiration from the things I see in the world and enjoy the direct experience of visiting a place that surprises me or meeting someone who will make an interesting portrait.

The aim with this virtual gallery is to show some of the resulting artwork from these experiences every few months.


January's adventure

This January the adventure came to me as I saw London turn white in the snow. I love snow for the difference in the landscape and light it gives and headed straight out with my camera to my local Hilly Fields Park. One of my aims was to photograph two trees there that are a landmark for me. I also wanted to experiment with photography in the snow environment. The landscape at the park was considerably altered in the snow and I took pleasure in capturing this on my camera and soaking up the atmosphere. Over the next few days with these experiences in my head I went into the studio to paint.

Secret Walk, oil painting

Secret Walk
Oil on canvas
17 x 23cm

Before and After
Digital photo

  All images © Toni McGreachan, 2013